IMAGE – I am imaginative.

July 9th -

The world is an image, a reflection of our inner condition.  If we wish to change the world, we begin by changing our inner view. We can establish a vision of our desires.  The heart’s longing is for harmony.  So, we can feel peace and harmony thereby extending it into the world.   Love connects us to all of life and so desires good for all life.  We can extend Goodwill to everyone, to every living thing.  Whatever good images come to mind we send them forth to bless the world; sometimes it’s just a prayer or affirmation, sometimes we will be inspired to act in some beneficial way.  We picture a world free from suffering and then we begin to see ways in which we can help. Peace, prosperity, abundance, and love flow from our vision into our actions to benefit all of life. Social change, justice and harmony are the results of that which begins on the inside.  Sometimes our vision may seem far-fetched, even impossible, but if we put our own faith into action miracles will occur.