SEE – I am a visionary.

July 10th -

In mindfulness we practice seeing clearly.  Aware of present experience we can accept what appears without emotion. Observing how this appearance shows up, we can also observe how it changes as we apply loving kindness to it. Compassionate thought and action come forth to heal division.  We become able to use our shared power to help create a new reality.  Our vision can become reality, and it is important to remember that a dark vision can be just a powerful in effect as a vision of light. So, we sit quietly, allowing the love in our heart to flow out into the world.  We see this love as a light to which all darkness can be presented.  All darkness brought to light will dissipate…see this happening right now.  Any upset or regret, any worry or concern brought to light and then healed. We should also be aware that all people everywhere have their own ability to envision a life free of suffering, and we trust that they will do so. We release them to their own vision and their own gifts, knowing that we need not interfere.