PURPOSE – I am inspired by my purpose.

July 11th -

Happiness and fulfillment come from pursuing purpose. We can always return to purposeful activity.  Anytime we lose direction let us remember that we have important work to do. We have heard it said that our function is forgiveness.  To forgive is to see things differently, to see through the apparent problems and injuries to the ultimate love of Life for the various aspects of itself. We see things as they are, all connected and moving toward the common welfare. We use our own gifts to give to that effort. Giving love in prayer and in action.  We go through the moments of each day giving service to each and everyone we meet.  When we forget, when we err in our attempts we just stop and make a correction. Beginning again we focus on our task, which is the work of our lives, to give love and service in all things.  To be helpful, releasing our own suffering as we attempt to alleviate that same suffering in others, this is our purpose and our privilege.