MISSION – I am a missionary.

July 12th -

Our mission involves the short-term tasks that lead to our long-term goals. It is the undertaking of our purpose. It is probably not an exercise in trying to change other people’s minds.  Evangelizing is really not very attractive, being mostly an overbearing ego exercise. Instead we might decide to let our light shine, expressing compassion, understanding and love in our daily lives. With no need to get other people to do what we think they should do we are free to help them find their own way.  We are on a mission from Being in which we allow others to just be, and then celebrate that being with them.  Start the day with thanksgiving for purpose, how wonderful it is to practice the presence of Love in each thing that we do.  We play close attention as each task unfolds in and of itself.  We bless those around us in mostly silent ways, until perhaps we are guided to a kind word or act. We are missionaries wherever we are and wherever we go.