WINGS – I am making a gift of my prayers.

September 5th -

Many times, we have prayed for freedom from some painful situation.  The way to speed the answer to these prayers is forgiveness.  Let us take a moment right now to think about the most painful unresolved issue in our lives.   Get a clear picture of this situation in mind, now picture what life would be like if this problem were solved.  The path between the problem and the solution is the path of forgiveness.  See the Light of God flowing from your heart, notice how this love enfolds the situation (or person) allow this love to wash clean any dis-ease (upset, anger, fear, anxiety).  If it is a situation this is enough...bathed in the light of Life, it is healed.  Holy Spirit will provide the answer as to what comes next, if you listen.  If it is a person see them totally involved in the light so that you can no longer even discern their features, envision them in the light, of the light and now totally anonymous in Christ.  They are now just like every other brother or sister...just like the true you, unencumbered by any problems, mistakes, or anything else that could separate them from you.  These are the wings of prayer.