REMEDY – I am the remedy.

September 6th -

Today any suffering that I observe, I will forgive.  This will be my contribution, I will forgive and forget.  I will allow a healing balm of forgetfulness cover any remembered hurt from the past.  Forgiveness is not "letting someone off the hook", it is not saying that the harm done was "not that big a deal", it is not putting up with "bad" behavior.  We do not have "get over it" or let someone "get over" on us.  All of these terms are a smoke screen for judgement, and judgement means suffering and separation.  I will remedy all suffering and separation simply by seeing that suffering and separation are not real.  They are not real in spirit and so they exist only in shadows of my mind.  I see the truth, that only Spirit exists and that in Spirit we are all one and that in oneness there is no suffering.  I will hold this vision of Light in my mind and I will bring any shadow that comes to me into that light where it will dissipate.