OVERLOOK – I am overlooking all disturbances.

September 7th -

Sooner or later we will all tire in our judgements, today let us grant everyone a reprieve.  Whereas we have focused on noticing conflicts, mistakes, and infractions we can now put all these perceptions aside.  Having magnified conflict and error we have increased our own guilt.  Choosing to see evil we have sentenced ourselves to shame.  We look to punish, and we anticipate punishment.   Guilt and punishment can truly become things of the past.  Look past error, let it remain unreal.  Let us see the love and peace which are present in every moment.  Be enlightened, visualize the Buddha nature (Christ presence) in everyone who we meet.  Our pure sight is our contribution and well within our power to select.  Overlooking sin means returning to Love, it means forgetting hate.  Changing our sight, we see creation as it was meant to be.  Pure spirit extends everywhere, to everyone when that is what we are determined to experience.  We overlook disturbance and we are at peace.