INNOCENCE – I am innocent.

September 8th -

As we pray to forgive we should know that we are innocent.  We are all innocent… all of us… all of our brothers and sisters and us.  All innocent and untouched by error of any kind.  When we notice error in others we should immediately recognize that this is but a projection of our own guilt onto those we see around us.  Why would we want to see these negative aspects projected on others?  We know!  We want to see them in others so that we don't see them in ourselves.  We believe these sins are our own, but we don't want to face up to them, so we shove them onto others.  But what is it that we are trying to escape?  Well it is true that in Spirit there is no sin at all, so all of this mental juxtaposition is to no avail.  We are trying to get rid of something that is not even there.  Still, in this world we can have much happiness by forgiving those mistakes we think we see in others thereby freeing ourselves.  Support innocence in our brother, in our sister and we will give it to ourselves.