VALUE – I am valuable?

September 10th -

How often have we seen ourselves as less than some and greater than others?  Today let us realize that all are of equal value, and that value is inestimable.  We can show our appreciation by respecting those around us.  We treat everyone as equal because they are.  See the reality that everyone is a part of the Greater Whole.  Everyone is a child of God.  We are reminded that although we may be temporarily special and unique that so is everyone else.  So today when we notice that someone being particularly “good” or “bad”, we can say “yes, just like me”.  We see all of the people that we come into contact with as brothers and sisters in God.  We are all irreplaceable parts of the cosmos.  Each of us has a place and a part in the unfolding of the universe.  As we endeavor to show each one that we know their precious value; we will see that we are in turn, esteemed by them.