EMPLOY – I am employing the help I need.

September 11th -

As we have previously discussed, there are things for us to do ourselves, things not to do at all, and things we need help with.  What if we utilized all of our available help?  First and foremost, we should realize that we never really do anything alone 'The Father and I are one.'  —John 10:30.

These words attributed to Jesus give us the basic idea that we are never alone in any way.  We rely on spirit to guide us in all of our efforts.  That guidance lets us know when we should act on our own or get help.  We might pay for the help, in which we case we expect a certain result.  Perhaps we utilize friends who have certain talents to help, in which case we accept the facts that the results may be mixed.  Someone might volunteer, and again we may or may not get the desired outcome.  If we remember the first principle that we are never alone, we will find many ways to get the job done and we will also treat those we engage with the love and respect that we all deserve.