WHOLE – I am seeking wholeness.

September 12th -

Perceiving a world in pain, we have sometimes been misled in our attempts to help.  Our miss-guided charities serve to maintain separation in our minds.  Any thought of giving to someone who seems to be or have less than us is highly suspect.  Our "help" in these situations are veiled attempts to make ourselves feel superior.  These activities exacerbate the loneliness of our lives.  The appearance of lack or need should be confronted directly by recognizing that it is just an illusion, a temporary condition that can be healed.  The healing comes from forgiveness.  True forgiveness sees the whole world whole.  So, our practice today can be observing wholeness wherever we have perceived fragmentation.  To see the light of Unity embracing any and all hurts in a loving, healing balm.  To see all outer problems healed by placing them on the altar of God which lies within.  This is our joyous work for this day.