ANONYMOUS – I am the same as.

September 13th -

 Today we remember that our help to others is the help of equals giving to equals.  When we are guided to be helpful it is not from a lofty position to anthers lowly position.  We recognize that the service we give is a balancing.  Temporarily we have more of one thing or another which we are giving to a brother or sister who temporarily has less.  This is not some "grand" act designed to make ourselves feel better because we were able to save some poor wretch from their fate.  Seen that way we live as arrogant lords in castles of separation...these are the dwellings of ego and they need to be taken down brick by ignorant brick.  To see our siblings as "less than" and ourselves as "more than" is just another exercise in self-centeredness.  From here there is only more comparison and judgement.  Surely, we will see ourselves as "less than" and some other as "more than" and then reversed in some way because we cannot stand for it.  Let us start now, today to free ourselves from these crazy images by freeing those around us.  We are all equal, faceless, nameless, the same as.