OFFER – I have something to offer?

September 14th -

We each have something to offer.  We may have been trained in one discipline or another and the skills garnered there are indeed gifts we can give.  Probably we have some innate, natural attributes which should be also be cultivated.  Sometimes, seeking approval, we may be tempted to say yes to endeavors that will not end well.  Obviously, we should not volunteer to do something that we are not qualified for without first getting some help or instruction to improve our competence. We don’t need any degrees, certificates or specialized training to give love.  Yes, and love is the greatest gift and still grows through practice. Meaning the more we consciously give it the more it will we will have.  We are all, as A Course in Miracles reminds us, ministers of God. We may have thought it meant to have a title in the hierarchy of a religious organization, and it does, but that is not the most important meaning. To minister means to tend, to nurse, to comfort, to aid.  We offer what we have in an effort to care for those around us.