MARTYR – I am released from martyrdom.

September 20th -

Martyrdom is the ultimate ego trip.  For the martyred it is a monument to their sacrifice.  For the witness, it is a cause for revenge.  Both of these are exercises in futility and suffering.  Today we stop accepting the enmity of others.  In the past, we may have simply suffered in silence when injury was offered from our brothers.  This is not helpful...we still feel the hurt and witness the injustice and then take on the role of the sacrificed.  Focus instead on seeing things differently, let the hurt of those who offer injury be healed along with the hurt of the injured, for they are the same.  Recognize only the light in all, see how any darkness brought to the light dissipates.  Forget the injury in truth and in light.  See it fading away before the love of God.  No one guilty, no one sacrificed, none to suffer...this is the path of forgiveness, the path back to our true Home.  Mistakes can be corrected.