BARGAIN – I am free of bargains.

September 21st -

We are not here to bargain with one another for our perceived wants and needs.  We are here to give freely without conditions.  Compromise can be the slavery of expectations, or it can reflect goodwill.  We have made contracts with those around us that we will act in certain way as long as others act in similar ways.  Many times, these agreements have not even been made known to the other person.  We have set the expectations in our mind and then we judge against anyone who does not meet them.  As long as someone goes along with our terms we treat them with some measure of kindness, but should they transgress they are punished.  Today we release everyone from former bargains and let them be.  In that release lies our own freedom as well as the freedom of the world.  Now we can give the way we are designed to give...without thought of reward.  The gift is in the giving.  Now we are free to be who we really are, and we have freed our brothers and sisters to be likewise.