DIRECT – I am direct.

September 22nd -

We have a message to carry; it is not personal because it involves everyone. It is the simple idea that we are loved. God is not mad at us now and has never been mad at us.  This is the message, we do not own it, it is freely given from Spirit and it is for everyone.  As we carry this message remembering it is not our own, we would do best to remember to be direct.  Let us be honest and straightforward, not having to soften or change it in any other way. We are frank and candid in our approach to our fellows.  As part of our work, we take the time to point out anything contrary to our message that is causing suffering to others.  If people disagree, we do not fight about it.  The truth needs no defense, and it is not necessary to try to change anyone’s mind.  It is also silly to try to get someone else tell another person what we think that other person needs to hear.  We are direct in our words and we speak them directly to those who need to hear them.