RESPONSIVE – I am responsive.

September 23rd -

Able response, able to respond, this is the essence of our interactions in the world. Can we be answerable, but not in charge? Can we access our authority from a loving God, but not try to appropriate it for our own self-centered agenda? Have we given up any thought of control of others? Everything we do has a consequence, and we take responsibility for it.  If we find that we feel guilty for failures, we have missed the point of giving up authority and asking for guidance.  If we find ourselves making excuses, perhaps blaming someone else, we have strayed from humility.  We remain conscientious doing things to the best of our ability and if mistakes are made, we simply admit that there was a mistake.  Simple, lesson learned.  If things go well we can feel good and we can graciously accept whatever compliments may come, but still not take too much credit.  Reliable, trustworthy, dependable, these are characteristics we aspire to.