TRUST – I am trusting.

September 24th -

Trusting God’s loving spirit, I seek first to understand, then to be understood.  In the past, I have missed the true meaning in another’s words simply because I was not really listening.  If I do not understand it is very difficult to be understood.  In my relationships at home, work or in the community the success of my service is determined by how well I communicate.  I can be a better communicator when I trust God’s loving spirit to direct me.  When I listen to others, I listen with love.  I rely on Spirit, not appearances, to show me the true meaning of someone’s words or actions. Trusting in God, I need not fear misunderstanding.  I am inspired to do and say the right things at just the right time. I find my safety in God, I take refuge in principle, and I am sheltered in the fellowship of humanity.  These three are those in which I can place my full faith and trust.