QUIET – I am quiet.

September 25th -

I am quiet in this moment. I find no need to speak.  I listen intently to the voice for God.  This moment is the One. This one moment in time is the only real moment. This is the holy instant. This is the time when creation happens. God is always here, right now, involved totally with the business of love. I am quiet and still while God is building up and binding together in this moment. Right now, this power and presence of God is available to me. Yesterday’s presence is gone, tomorrows presence is yet to be. In the stillness, I focus on living right now, keeping my attention centered in the divine present. I am still and tranquil as I focus on the power of the moment.  There is no need to be loud and boastful for my strength lies in peace and calm.  Staying in this day, I am free from yesterday’s regrets and tomorrow’s anxiety.