SUPPORT – I am supportive.

September 26th -

I will accept people as they are. I hereby suspend judgement, no longer having a need to change anyone. I will be kind, extending love myself to everyone I meet. I visualize us all connected in the vast web of life.  My compassion is growing stronger each moment. Having released myself from the ego’s opinions; I am able to look over and see through to the good. Sometimes old hurts come to mind and then it is a challenge to practice this principle, but I can always forgive. I extend forgiveness again and again as needed.  As this practice unfolds, the need for control fades. I find it easy to allow people to make their own decisions. I no longer feel threatened, I do not need my loved to do anything to make me feel whole. I do not need them to be with me every moment. I let them go to be and do what they desire. I am supportive of what they desire, and I am happy for their happiness.