RESTRAINED – I am discreet.

September 27th -

The tenth instruction in the One Spirit wedding vow is: “Speak not ill of your partner in the presence of others; speak not ill of others in the presence of your partner; nor say any hurtful thing.” When we speak negatively about anyone, we bolster our own bad opinion and cement it in our consciousness.  In other words, be repeating it, we make it worse. Speaking badly about our spouse is said to be one of the main causes of divorce. Restraining ourselves by our own choice; to be discreet, to not speak ill of others; this is our decision.  Being self-possessed is not the same as being self-centered and this particular control comes from reliance on Spirit. The choices we make concerning our conversations have the potential for great suffering or fulfillment.  Certainly, we will see an improvement in all of our relationships when we abstain from petty comments and cheap gossip.