DISPUTE – I am agreeing.

September 28th -

What do we do when someone presents a point of view that we are not in agreement with? Tempted to argue, we may start laying out our point of view in some type of debate.  In our disagreement we can sometimes become unpleasant.  Knowing that it is possible to disagree without being disagreeable we may try to be diplomatic.  No need to storm away mad, we could find a way to peacefully talk it out. Better yet, why not just listen. Listen and then listen some more; and then say this: “You may be right, tell me more about that.”  This is not a suggestion that we be dishonest or even that we “go along to get along”.  It is just that when we listen openly and then actually ask the one we disagree with to tell us more, we open our own minds and theirs.  After they have told us everything that they feel is important, we might respond with something like this, “That’s interesting and as I said, you may be right; but have you ever thought about it this…?”  Perhaps we need say nothing at all.