PRACTICE – I am practicing.

September 30th-

 Ours is a practice of loving kindness.  We hold the common welfare in our hearts as we ask for guidance in our interactions with others.  We accept one another as we are without trying to change or control anyone.  We are most helpful when we are not distracted by the pursuits of the ego.  Doing what needs to be done is easier when we allow others to do the same.  We look on our fellows as equal and we affirm that equality in thought, word and deed.  We share resources, common interests, and responsibility for our endeavors and indeed for the world we see.  We are learning to release our fellows from our judgment.  It is very freeing to not have to worry about things that are not connected to our own purpose.  Let us cultivate a sense of our own purvey.  Our outlook has been obstructed by the errors of the past that predict an unfortunate future; whereas our mindful practice brings us into the present.