SHARE – I am sharing.

October 1st-

Connection is the essence of all relationships, when we fail to see or feel the connections we are caught in the suffering of self-centeredness.  The connection is always there; we just may not be aware of it.  We can become aware, and even fine tune that awareness by sharing.  We consciously share in multiple ways and all contribute to our sense of belonging.   Through empathic speech, we share our thoughts.  We share our time, giving our attention and our best efforts in the moment and throughout the day.  We share our talents, doing the things that we do best in a way that benefits us all. We share our treasure, which could be money or some precious thing that we give in a thoughtful and generous way. As we practice these disciplines consciously we begin to become aware that we are also sharing at the level of being. We share the planet, we share in the unity of all life, and we share consciousness.