HONEST – I am honest.

October 2nd -

Progress on our spiritual way is made through practice.  As we practice, we become more adept at the various disciplines involved in our preparation.  As our knowledge deepens we have more information which we can disseminate to others, we begin to see things from a different perspective and we may feel compelled to talk about our discoveries.  Prudence is called for here, let us not get carried away in our enthusiasm.  Information is not experience.  Honest experience is the most effective message we can carry to others, when we allow new found “facts” to spill from our lips we risk inaccuracy and misunderstanding.  Better to allow the information to percolate in us as we put it into practice, then allowing those results to determine what we will share.  There will be many missteps along the way, honesty also means that we do not present ourselves in such a way that implies we have become perfect. Remember that while we are perfect at our core, our practice can always improve.