REAL – I am real.

October 3rd -

What is it that is real?  It seems as if these bodies we carry around are real, that the personalities we wear are real, that the material world we appear to inhabit is real.  While the reality of these may be debated, we do know that these things are temporary.  In our efforts to heal the suffering of the world it is important that we don’t get lost in high mindedness.  We are experiencing our bodies, our personalities and the world itself; and it is in these that we have our present assignments.  So, we do not deny our worldly experience.  To best be of service we look at this small self and its (miss)adventures in the world as opportunities to forgive and to serve. So, we allow our temporary reality to clarify in the mind, to be purified, reinterpreted and then used to help others do the same.  In this way, we present ourselves simply and without embellishment, allowing others to see the “real” us even though we know that that reality is sure to change.