RESPECT – I am respectful.

October 4th -

Today, let us be respectful.  Seeking respect will not help us or anyone else; giving respect will.  The idea that respect must be earned is good in so far as we understand that our own behavior will result in us receiving respect or the lack of it.  However, in regard to how we view others it will be most helpful if we just extend respect without the need for them to prove themselves to us.  To treat everyone with the respect due a fellow human is the minimum requirement, to go further would be more helpful.  To see past human failings straight through to the ultimate divinity of us all, this will allow us to give proper respect to each one.  To forgive behavior and see the divine does not mean that we say that the bad behavior is ok, forgiveness just accepts that we transcend all behavior.  See the Christ, see the Buddha nature, see the Good in all our brothers and sisters and then give that proper respect.