RESTRAINT – I am moderate.

October 5th -

We are free to do what is ours to do but being free does not mean being out of control. It is important for us to establish and maintain a sense of moderation in all things.  Moderation is a concept that many of us have come late to. Our inability to control our appetites and our behavior have led to many unfortunate experiences.  Accepting our personal powerlessness over the unrestrained ego, we found a source of strength that can be called upon to help us reign in the self-centered tendencies of the personality.  Through surrender to and guidance from Spirit we are given some measure of control over our selves.  This is not a call to some monkish existence, unless we are so inclined, it is simply to balance our wants and needs with the common welfare. We have no need to call great attention to our accomplishments or our failings; only when the sharing of these is helpful do we do so.  Even then it is essential that we recognize that we have never existed in a vacuum and that we had help in our victories and even our mistakes.