TRUE – I am for real.

October 6th -

The eleventh instruction in the One Spirit wedding ceremony is: “Take off the masks, abandon art and artifice, be genuine and true.”  How many relationships are impaired by our façade? Pretense blocks intimacy, we cannot con our way to closeness.  Previously we may have been afraid to show people who we really are, no more! Presenting ourselves in an honest way takes a little courage but will pay great dividends. Much better to take a chance on authenticity than to continue in the isolation of pretentiousness.  What is this fear anyway?  We may think that if people really knew who are, they would be repelled, so we extend a false front to keep them at bay.  That really works, our fellows are kept at bay, they never know us, and we will never truly know them.  Today, let us risk our fragile egos, let us reach out to others in tender and caring ways, exposing our true selves in an effort at true connection.