ENGAGED – I am engaging.

October 7th -

 Let us engage the world.  We are involved with the world and the world is involved with us.  Understand that our perception of the world depends upon our own thinking, meaning that what we think is what we see.  As we change our thinking, our view of the world will change. That notwithstanding, we still are called to take part.  If we were not so engrossed with the machinations of the ego, our participation in life would be much more satisfying.  We have a message to carry and so we go out into the world as we presently experience it and carry the message that it is not as it seems! Wanting to alleviate suffering, we are moved to interact with others, bringing love to all of our daily lives. Our most powerful service will be the extension of love; we identify with each other by releasing comparisons, by looking for the similarities.  In the employ of spirit, we are used to good effect.