FLUX – I am stable.

October 8th -

We need not be in flux.  All things in the outer are changing.  We can observe change all around us.  The world changes, everything in it changes.  The seasons wax and wane.  Our bodies change, our life experience changes. As we watch everything changes. This observation is correct only in the physical world.  Each change is just a turn of perception that leads us either to further alienation or to reality of oneness.  Change in the environment (mental or physical) reflects our belief.  Fluidity is an aspect of the material world and it can be positive or negative.  Instability raises fear, which is its designer’s intention. Reality in the material world is an oxymoron, because it is always subject to perspective which means it is not stable.  When we know that God, being love, does not change we are free from flux.  We begin to see when we realize that change is constant in the world but not in Reality.