PRINCIPLE – I am part of the first principle.

October 9th -

 A principle is a source, an origin, or a cause.  The first principle is one that stands on its own, without the need for support from any other thing.  There is a first principle that is the basic description of reality itself.  This very first principle is self-evident but still seems to be debated.  Not theory but law, this principle is the very foundation of existence. The first principle is Love.  Creation and creator as one. “Love is” is the simple truth.  “Love is all” speaks to the unity of life.  “Love is all there is” further defines the nature of the universe. “Love is all there is and nothing else is” points out that anything we believe, think about, feel or see that is not Love, is not real. Love, the first principle, is that from which all things, all life springs.  We arise out of Love.  God is Love and we are Love.  We are the effect of that first principle.  We are a nuance of Infinite Love.