PROSPERITY – I am prosperous.

October 10th

Prosperity is not accomplished through envy. Abundance comes not from wishing, saying “If only this or that or the other thing, then everything would be alright”. Prosperity is not the result of greed.  Greed, as we know, can never be satisfied.  We are prosperous when we recognize that everything we have need of is already given.  Our spiritual wellbeing is the spring from which abundance flows.  When we relax into this flow, prosperity continues in all ways. There is never a need to compare our prosperity with that of others. We are able to be happy for the happiness of others.  Today we can delight in the good fortune of us all. Let us rejoice in the prosperity or success that is available to us.  We go out of our way to observe the goodness coming to others and that which is coming from them.  Today, we will release any feeling of envy and participate in the joy of others. Our capacity for joy is unlimited when we observe and experience happiness in other’s good.