WILL – I am goodwill in action.

November 1st -

Goodwill is what’s in the best interest of the Larger Community.  Today let us find the willingness to do our part in service to something larger than ourselves.  It’s not so hard when we remember that we are a part of it.  We may have ambitions and goals, hopes and aspirations; we are free to pursue them as long as we remember our larger purpose. We come to understand that these good desires come from the mind of the universe.  We are a unique collection of talents and abilities and these attributes contribute to the world and to our own wellbeing.  We just need to keep the priorities in order.  Let us resolve to do the work and then we will observe the desires of the heart come into manifestation.  That work is really just being, being who we are in every situation that occurs.  Setting aside fear and apprehension, we move forward into whatever action goodwill calls for and instantly become the real us.