EGO-LESS – I am willing to surrender.

November 2nd -

Submitting to Love is not a defeat but a great victory.  We know that we cannot successfully serve two masters.  We must be single minded to achieve our goals. Single- mindedness means focused on God and the good that comes from God.  Single- mindedness means not focusing on money or material things, but rather on the principle of abundance behind them.  Release any desire to have and to own.  Seek, rather to participate in creation.  Abandon worry over lack and move easily into the flow of life.  The indwelling spirit knows what we need and will provide it, but only if we focus on spirit.  The creative power within us can produce money and material things, but we find them unfulfilling and life becomes a continual cycle of wanting and getting and wanting again.  Instead of looking for what we can get, let us give what is ours  and more will automatically come our way.