TRUTH – I am willing to seek the truth.

November 3rd -

Today let us engage life beyond the limitations of the ego.  Let’s take the time to get in touch with our hearts. Just take a moment right now to notice that there is already a strong connection between heart and brain.   We can be certain that the conduit of spirit allows us to use both of these great faculties in concert with each other. Let us allow our feeling nature to be wed to our thinking nature.  The truth of life is found when the male and female parts of us come together in harmony. The Love of God is always consistent, having no alternative.  The reality of Spirit cannot be contradicted.  We are the genuine article, springing from Love, we are the love of God in action.  As we allow the Spirit to work through us, divine will reveals itself to be our own true will for ourselves.  As long as we keep contact with the divine Presence we will see through to the truth of things.