COURSE – I am willing to stay the course.

November 4th -

I have a direction in life today, I am on a path from self to Self.  This way is the way of Spirit.  There is no need to chase or to stalk, my pursuit of the Truth is calm and peaceful.  There are traces and spoor and milestones along the way that let me know I am on the right track.  I am aware of my surroundings, paying close attention to the opportunities for service which are the very signs of love. Whatever my daily activities may be, I stay aware of my mission and purpose.  I am here to be helpful.  I keep my service in the front of my mind at all times.  I know that in order to move in the direction of the divine I must change certain habits.  I hereby release any rituals and habits that I may have established that do not contribute to my purpose. I pursue positive change by focusing on the greater mission. I understand that only through service to others will I be able to overcome the obstacles that ego places in my path.  I am willing to stay the course.