REVEALED – I am uncovered.

November 5th -

Are we are about to be exposed?  Journaling is a good habit to begin, it is how can we discover the patterns in behavior, thoughts, and beliefs.  Does it really make any sense that we would try to hide ourselves from ourselves?  Of course, it does not make sense, but we do it all the time.  Self-centeredness is a dynamic state of on-going delusion.  The ego always presents illusion to justify defense and offense. This small self cannot be seen in the light, because when brought to light it dissipates. Stripping away all of our justifications and rationalizations is essential to moving toward sanity.  So, in our writings we divulge all of the things which we have previously thought needed to be hidden.  Remember we are not going to publish or publicize these writings.  Right now, they are for our own effort to bring the dark things to light.  Later we can decide how and with whom we share these insights.