GUILTY – I am innocent?

November 6th -

A Course in Miracles tells us that there is nothing to feel guilty about because all of our “sins” are not real.  It is important however, in a personal inventory, that we deal with our perceived wrongdoings.  We can take responsibility without feeling hopelessly guilty.  A couple of things to consider, we may feel badly because of the effects our past behavior had on others.  It is both honorable and responsible to want to repair the damage we caused.  Guilt is only good for one thing, it can tell us: “don’t do that anymore”.  Unfortunately, that’s not how it generally works.  Guilt usually becomes an identity.  It tells us that we are the unfortunate things we have done and that we are doomed to continue to be the person that does that sort of thing.  This thinking traps us into a repetition of similar behaviors.  It is not necessary.  We can be freed from these shortcomings and, ultimately, the defects that lie behind them.