MORAL – I am ethical.

November 8th -

Being ethical means upholding how own values.  The word moral has a number of negative connotations.  Morality has been associated with rigidity and negative judgement.  Many people believe that the morality of the majority is most important and should be binding on everyone.  It is interesting that most of us can find excuses for ourselves if we should transgress these rules, but also be very condemnatory of others who we think have strayed.  In our journaling let us explore these issues.  What do we think is good and right and honest?  Looking at our own behavior what is proper and honorable according to our own standards?  What are our standards?  Further, do we think that we should be influenced by the standards of others, or the standards of certain spiritual groups?  We may find that there are universal principles that we can use as guidelines for our thinking and our behavior; still, they should be tenets that we believe in, not just adopted because someone else says they are appropriate.