PRINCIPLES – I am principled.

November 10th -

To practice principles is to put philosophy into action. Some may just think about principle as being strictly law.  The laws of science, the rules of a doctrine, seem fixed and immovable.  We have found through experience that these laws can change with the advent of new discoveries.  There are some principles however that do not change these are spiritual principles. The law of love is the first and the last, the basic tenet out of which all spiritual principles arise.   We have heard it said that, “God is love” and further that God is omnipresent.  So, does that mean that love is everywhere present?  Are we loving?  Jesus said that all of the various laws were based on love; that if we couldn’t find love in the law we were mis-reading it. Is love present in our thinking and our actions?  Can we give ourselves totally to life?  Are we feeling connected to life; desiring only good to come to all?  These are the principles that last.