RELEASE – I am healed.

November 28th -

Healing is available right now; it begins in the mind and extends to the body.  We can release all disease of the body. True prosperity includes total health of the body.   If we are in need of healing, we can take the time to visualize any sickness leaving the body.  We do not hate the microbe or the virus; we just ask them to move out of the body. We do not try to harm them in any way. Let go of any fear of the disease and rather extend love to it, and then send it on its way.  Let us deal with any physical pain we may be feeling in a similar way.  We recognize the experience of pain, we accept that we are feeling pain right now, we become aware of everything that we can concerning the pain putting our attention on it and then we relax to the best of our ability and allow the disorder to flow quickly and completely out and away from our body. We allow the healing love of God restore the body to health and wholeness.