WELCOME – I am relaxed.

November 30th -

We are wanted.  One of the major factors in the rising suicide rate is a sense of being a burden. We should understand that we are all integral parts of family and community. We are welcomed by life and we should welcome all parts of life into our experience.  Let us welcome the spirit of plenty, welcome new thoughts and new opportunities.  We should welcome the prosperity that comes naturally from creative thought and action. Today, we open our mind to all of the possibilities.  Be open and receptive to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit that inhabits us.  Allow this spirit to guide us in what we should say and what we should do.  We welcome all the experiences this day has to offer.  Some will come disguised as trouble, but today we know how to eliminate the negative and see the good.  We welcome the opportunity to be creative in handling all of the possibilities that will arise this day.  We welcome all new people and situations that come to us today, knowing that they all represent the abundance of Creation.