CONSERVATIVE – I am conservative?

December 1st -

Being a true conservative, means that we do not waste.  Today, let’s focus on what it means to conserve.  A true conservative is conscious of the fact that he or she is steward of the earth.  We all have some responsibility to the planet. We are paying attention to what we acquire, consume and then discard.  Prosperity does not mean having enough to waste.  Let us realize that conserving resources and energy is part of prosperous thinking.  We conserve energy and resources.  We are good stewards.  We have been entrusted with this stewardship so let us prove trustworthy.  We are also conscious of the value of people, just as we should not waste resources, we should make sure that all of the people in our community are encouraged to participate.  We are up to the task, and always looking for new ways to accomplish it. Our mantra for the day is “I am a true conservative.”