INVITATION – I am calling.

December 2nd -

Willing to change, but unable to do it on my own, I ask for help. There are some changes I would like to make, and I have the ability to make certain choices, but ultimately my personality is powerless to change itself.  I want to experience a prosperous life, a life full of all good things.  I want to live up to my potential.  I want to eliminate the negative aspects of my character and my habits.  These are not things that the ego can do.  I must have divine help and guidance in these matters. The Holy Spirit stands ready to help, so I invite God to cleanse me and I am transformed. I am open to the presence of God.  I am willing to be cleansed of all negativity.  I am ready to be a clean slate upon which the hand of Creation can write.  I am encouraged by the previous success I have experienced when connecting to Spirit. So, I ask, and I am transformed by the power and presence of God within me.