STRENGTH – I am strong.

December 4th -

There is a strength in us that is not of our personality.  It springs from spirit and it manifests through us…this is the strength of Unity.  Strength in us, a great, good fortune that allows us to surrender to the common welfare, which in turn, makes us stronger.  It is important to realize that any independent strength we seem to have can only exist through our inherent inter-dependence. Creation has an interest in us, and so It invests an overflowing abundance of strength in us.  This strength is the ability to do what is called for in your life.  Strength is not loud or boastful but rather it is quiet confidence.  Let us take refuge in this strength.  Know that Spirit is continually renewing our ability to deal with whatever may occur.  We can relax and let go of any worry.  The power of creation is at work in us.