RESPONSIBILITY – I am responsible to act.

December 6th -

Today, we are taking responsibility for the things we have done or said things that were harmful.  There is no escaping from these burdens, we must acknowledge them and prepare to heal them to the best of our ability.  We know that they are in the past, but they keep coming into present awareness.  Past hurts, regrets and resentments will continue to haunt us until we take steps to heal them. So, our action throughout the coming days is to sit and write the list of those we have harmed.  We include ourselves on the list, but we are not that focused on self.  We tend to be so self-centered that we agreed when we heard it said that we are not doing this for others but for ourselves. While it is true that we will benefit, maybe even benefit the most, we must make this step and the following one a gift to those who we have harmed in order for us to receive the true benefit.