EXHILARATED – I am thrilled with life.

January 5th -

Holding our attention on the present moment, we connect with life.  Today let us attempt to feel the thrill of just being alive. We can cultivate our curiosity about what is happening right now. Develop a sense of not knowing; a feeling of anticipation of what exciting thing is going to happen next. We are poised on the brink of some great happening right now.  This great happening could be just a pleasant encounter with an acquaintance, a reunion with a long-lost friend, regenerating a great old passion or falling headlong in love with some new person.  Let us get at least a little bit fired up considering all of the wonderful prospects. Participate in the excitement. Don’t get intoxicated but do enjoy all the happiness you can generate. All of this exhilaration will actually power us through the day, moving from one task to the next, joyfully anticipating the next great happening.