PATH – I am on track.

January 7th -

As a new year begins, we can also begin again.  Unlikely for most of us but, maybe we have so mastered our past spiritual path that we feel we need a new challenge.  More likely we are just using this yearly demarcation as a symbolic starting point for a new round of our present practice.  There may some improvements we would like to make, some errors we would like to stop making. Not necessarily resolutions, but at least a desire to get better at somethings.  This desire arises out of a common need to move in a spiritual direction.  This need is present in us all, we all have fleeting “memories” of or aspirations for a better way.  We must decide if now is the time or if we are going to put it further off.  No matter, we will eventually have to move forward.  We should be aware that suffering will continue until some point when we are tired enough of it to let it go.  Today can be the day we decide for peace of mind.  We can begin again, or for the first time take up a practice of Love.