REAL – I am real.

January 8th -

We are real. The fact is that we are of God.  Truly God is, as Genesis says, “Spirit that moved on the face of the waters” and as in the Gospel of John “God is Love”.  Our true identity is Spirit, our nature is Love; in this original state we are invulnerable, we are safe and sound.  These principles cannot be made more valid by thinking or reading or talking about them; they are just facts.  The reason we may question them is that we have, at some level, decided to take on different characteristics; separate personalities, distinct bodies and we see all of this individuality as being under threat.  We feel alone in a dangerous world.  We block our own ultimate reality because ego believes that self-consciousness is better than God-consciousness.  Let us make an effort to remove these barricades that impair our return to genuine awareness.  Blind though we may be to our absolute divinity, we don’t have to remain so. Each day we can work toward the genuine, miracle by miracle.